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DelSontro Enterprises is a Professional Consulting and Management Company specializing in business management and technology development. We provide professional and management services in the following areas:

Professional Consulting: In the area of professional consulting we provide services to assist your company in product development, manufacturing, and test.

Management Consulting: In the area of management consulting we provide experts to fulfill short term positions in project management, program management, and supplier management.

Business and Process Analysis: In the area of business and process analysis our experts will help you improve your business results.

Technical Consulting: In the area of technical consulting our experts will help you determine the best technology for your needs in computer configurations, networks, audio streaming, video streaming, netwrok servers and more.

We have work experience with both domestic and international companies. Our experience and expertise in both business and technology enable us to work at all level of executive and technical management. We take pride and ownership in finding the knowledge experts that best address our customer’s needs.