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David Del Sontro is a veteran executive with over 25 years experience in the management of high technology based teams for the purpose of new product development, complex manufacturing operations, full life cycle test strategies, high value sales teams, strategic business alignments, and executive consulting teams. His career has spanned the aerospace, communication, test and measurement, and electronic manufacturing industries. A catalyst for new creative thinking with the ability to automatically see the big picture, David is known for bringing fresh new ideas to address the challenging problems in the development and validation of critical technology. He has proven his ability time and time again to create high performance teams comprised of both cross functional expertise and multi-company collaborations to bring new innovative solutions and services to nutrition.

David’s technology expertise includes land, water and space technologies related to communication, guidance, navigation and control. His process expertise is in world class manufacturing, test, and field support. His product expertise is in test strategy development, product optimization, new product introduction processes, and supply management. His business expertise is in strategic business development, product marketing, product planning, and team building. David has world wide experience with proven success in Japan, Asia, Europe, and United States.